What's happening lovelies???

11 October 2011


What's happening lovelies...? 

It's been ages since I wrote to you so let's have a little catch up.. 

My album is out there in the big bad world!!! That deserves an exclamation mark! I have loved reading your tweets about which tracks are your favourites and reading your stories about which ones you really relate to. I'm totally gobsmacked at the reviews my album has had.. I can't thank everyone who has reviewed it enough, it really means a lot. Lots of people picked up on my lyrics in their reviews. It's the most amazing feeling when you work hard on something and then it's reviewed in that way. It's a start, I'm still learning and want to get better…

Let's talk 'sticks+stones'. When we put that up on youtube, the reaction from you guys was unbelievable.. The comments and posts totally blew me away. I was in tears reading what some of you had the courage to share. The internet has really highlighted this issue. It shows us how easy it is for people to pass judgement on others and it also shows us that people now have a place for expression. Whether it be twitter or blog posts it gives people a place to offload. Whenever I have bought somebody's record I always flick through and search for the ones that I really relate to at that time, they become my favourites, I play that song to death and then the rest of the album gets its chance. Music is there to milk an emotion I think. Whether it be a party track when you want to feel sky high or an emotional song when you need something to draw out how you feel inside.. That's my sticks+stones and it's so comforting to know that it's yours too. I'm going to try my best to speak to Micheal Gove the educational secretary about how we can work out a better support system in schools for people finding themselves in unbearable situations every time they walk through the school gate…I'll keep you posted on that. Wish me luck!

So I played G.A.Y and loved it! I took my fairy tale theme, Repunzle hair and dub edits and we rocked it! It was the first I played Porcelain Heart live, I'm a nightmare with words.. Like really bad! I get really nervous about forgetting the words. I know what my mind's like.. It races and the line is out before I even get time to think.. Thank god the guys at the front knew all of the words I was lip reading them on the second verse! Team work right there! 

The signings we did for Cinderella's Eyes were AMAZING! Thank you so much for coming out and seeing me. I love seeing you and meeting everyone .. On the way home from the Liverpool signing I was thinking about how lovely everyone was.. We have no arseholes in our club Team Ginge.. Thank you for all your letters, cards, presents.. and endless amounts of my favourite Ready Salted Walkers. 

It's been my birthday this week.... Charlie took me for a lovely lunch and then the GA family went to watch Kimberley in her first night of Shrek the musical.. She was amazing! I knew she would be.. Me and Cheryl had goosebumps watching her. We felt overwhelmed with proudness.. 

Still hungover from my birthday party on saturday night... I got to admit this, I do throw a good party! Don't think I'll be going all out like that again for another year! Underground carparks, hidden under blankets and carried to bed isn't big or clever! #DontTryThisAtHome

Till next time 

Love Nic x

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